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Tired of Cattle Boats and Crowded Reefs?

Scuba Diving Big Corn Nicaragua

Come dive with us at Dos Tiburones for a diving experience like no other. Imagine having an entire reef system, ship wrecks, abundant sea life and crystal clear Caribbean waters virtually to yourself. When you dive with us we strive to go far beyond a standard dive shop, and provide you with a total island experiece. We promise you it will be a trip you will never forget.

Diving with Dos Tiburones

Whether you’re fresh out of your Open Water course, or if you’re an advanced diver who’s been diving everywhere BUT Nicaragua, the tropical water around Corn Island has something in store for you. With the opportunity for up to 5 dives in a day, you’ll have no problem finding dives to fit, or fill, your schedule. Your trip will be in a custom-fitted fiberglass “panga” boat with no more than 7 other divers—no crowded dive sites here. All dives are expertly guided by active PADI dive professionals.

Diving Conditions on Corn Island

The water around Corn Island stays a pretty constant 27-28°C (81-83°F), with visibility in calm weather extending beyond the depth of our deepest dives. The fringing reefs and table reef dive sites around Big Corn Island range in depth from very shallow (10m / 30ft. and above) to deeper dives in the 21m / 70ft. range, with Blowing Rock, a small volcanic seamount, offering still deeper dives of over 24m / 80ft. Coral and fish life here vary somewhat depending on depth and location with shallow fringing reefs populated by large elkhorn coral colonies, and deeper reefs displaying sheet corals, black corals, and other varieties, and Blowing Rock offering the most distinctive and impressive reef formations and species diversity. There are a couple of wreck sites which are themselves surrounded by reefs, but these sites are not advanced dives and there are no wreck penetration opportunities at the present time.


Dive Trips

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Dive Big Corn Island

We conduct most our dive trips around the island as either 2 tank dives with the surface interval spent on the boat, or as 1 tank dives. 2 tank dives depart at 8am or 1pm. 1 tank dives depart at 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. We ask that you be at the shop 30-45 min. early for your first dive with us and 15-30 min. early thereafter. The locations of the dives are determined by the weather conditions and experience of the divers on the trip and are at the discretion of the dive leader and captain. If you have requests to see specific sites, let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate you. A full dive briefing will be given before leaving the shop. All dives will be conducted by one of our dive leaders.

1 Tank - $40 usd
2 Tank - $70 usd
Scuba Dive Blowing Rock

Dive Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock is the gem of the Corn Islands’ dive community (see the description under DIVE SITES), and as such, we want to share it with as many people as possible. Upon request, weather permitting, we can schedule a trip to Blowing Rock with at least a day's notice. Trust us, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. For more opportunities to dive Blowing Rock, see below. 3 person minimum.

2 Tank - $100 usd



Night Dive Big Corn

Night Dive

Our Big Corn night dives are conducted as single tank dives. The boat leaves the shop at 5pm. Rental of dive lights and tank markers are included in the cost. Night Dives are scheduled by request, and we ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice if you wish to schedule one. In order to make a night dive with us, we do require that you first dive with us during the day as a safety precaution. 2 person minimum.

1 Tank - $45 usd
Blowing Rock Night Dive

Blowing Rock Afternoon/Night Combo

This is definitely our favorite trip to go on, and we look forward to requests for it because that means we get to dive Blowing Rock at night, too! This trip is scheduled by request and we do ask for 48 hours’ notice. The boat leaves at 3 p.m. for this 2 tank dive. Your first dive is done as the daylight wanes, you spend your surface interval on the boat and then go back in for a thrilling night dive. Blowing Rock at night is a completely different site—there’s no telling what you might find! 3 person minimum.

2 Tank - $125 usd


Little Corn Day Trip

Little Corn Day Trip

If you wish to dive the little island with us, we offer an experience that will give you a taste of what Little Corn has to offer. Leaving at 8:30 a.m., we will make two dives in the morning, spending the surface interval on the boat, before we debark on the beach and you have time to eat, explore, party—whatever you want to do! The only requirement is that you return to the boat by 4 p.m. to head back to the big island. Please allow us 48 hours’ notice to arrange your Little Corn experience. 4 person minimum.

2 Tank - $150 usd
Scuba Dive Packages

Dive Packages

Staying on the Island a while? Purchase a multi-dive package and save. Prices reflect standard local dives around Big Corn Island:
add $7 per person for a Night Dive,
add $30 per person for Blowing Rock,
add $55 per person for a Blowing Rock Afternoon/Night Dive,
add $70 per person for a Little Corn Day Trip.
Dive packages cannot be shared for multiple divers.

4 Dives - $130 usd
6 Dives - $190 usd
10 Dives - $290 usd
20 Dives - $550 usd
Little Corn Day Trip

Explore Dive Sites

Interested in helping us add new dive sites to our map? If you're an experienced diver you may be eligible to take part in our Exploration Dive Program! You will have the opportunity to visit dive sites that none of our divers have seen before, and you may even get a chance to name a site! Not to mention big savings compared to our normal dives. Contact us today to schedule your dive!

1 Tank - $30 usd


About Dos Tiburones

As a diving facility, Dos Tiburones is dedicated to providing you with the safest and most enjoyable experience, whether you are an experienced diver or a complete beginner. Our goal is always to share the beauty beneath the waters of the Corn Islands with everyone. If you have never been diving before, we would be glad to help you make that dream a reality.



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